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  Sliding photo box  
Look at this magic sliding photo box, it is not one picture, not one layer, there are 3 layers inside the frame, and you can put your pictures at any place you want, and you can easily slide them left and right, hiding one, showing another. It also serves as and wall cube or wall shelf so that you can put your collectives on the box.
    sliding photo boxes  
Size (in mm)
WPF700-340 205HX130DX340L
WPF700-480 205HX130DX480L
WPF700-768 205HX130DX768L
  Wall photo box  
    These photo box can be hung on the wall, or you can stack them on the table. You can also use them as a tray or storage box.  
Size (in mm)
WPF701-210 210HX120DX260L
WPF701-230 230HX120DX300L
WPF701-300 300HX120DX300L
WPF702-520 208HX120DX520L
WPF702-718 208HX120DX718L
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