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These photo sets come in 3 major color series, cold color, warm color and metallic color. Each set comes in 9 pieces, the same size of either square shape, or the rectangle shape. They can be hang on the wall or stand on the table, and you can create any combination with one set of them, or 2 sets of the same one, or one set of square and one rectangle.
    Here below is an example of one warm color square set and one rectangle set  
    photo frame  
    photo frame  
Cold color Warm color Metallic color
WPF710-001 450HX505W WPF710-002 450HX505W WPF710-003 450HX505W
WPF710-004 415HX415W WPF710-005 415HX415W WPF710-006 415HX415W
* The size here refers to the overall size of the 9 piece set.
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